Top 10 Tips for a Successful eCommerce Holiday Season

Consumers spend around $52 billion on holiday shopping, and 90 percent of people will complete at least some of their shopping online. Those are some huge numbers, potentially bringing holiday cheer for all eCommerce website owners and businesses that are preparing for that holiday rush. In short, the holidays are a good curse. But only if you (and your website) are prepared.

Is your website ready for the barrage that is the online holiday shopping season? We can help you navigate the challenges, plan ahead and be ready to do what you do best.

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The good folks at Woo-Commerce have put together a very good list that you should consider if you want to maximize your ecommerce success this holiday season:

  1. Make Sure Your Site is Up and Runs Fast

  2. Stop Testing During the Holiday Season

  3. Streamline the Checkout Process

  4. Prepare Your Store for Upselling and Bringing Customers Back

  5. Double Check Your Offer Codes and Discounts

  6. Optimize for All Devices

  7. Make Your Brand Unique With Alternative Offerings

  8. Keep an Eye on Your Inventory

  9. Boost Personalization and Customer Support

  10. Identify Top Sellers and Push Them Big Time


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