We Design Responsive Web Sites (Smart!)

What this really means is that we build one website that looks fantastic on all devices. While looking fantastic is great (vah, vah, voom), we also go to great lengths in making sure your site functions equally well on a mobile device, a smart phone as well as on a desktop computer. This is vital in today’s ever growing mobile world.


We design with Content Management Systems (CMS)

You want to be able to edit and make changes to your site, so you don’t have to call in the big guns every time a small change is needed to your site – no problem. We design many of our sites in WordPress, which is the most popular Content Management System on the web for good reason – its easy to learn and you will be able to navigate through your own website like a ninja. Need help? No worries, even ninjas need help sometimes, so we will always be there if you need some guidance.

Traffic (Vroom)

Drive traffic to my site you ask. Not a problem. Once that traffic is there, you want to be able to see what it is doing. Even the best planned cities suffer a traffic jam occasionally. Is there somewhere on your site that is stopping people in their tracks? We can fix it. Monitoring traffic in and out is something we are very good at, we can offer suggestions and solutions to keep your online business running smoothly right through rush hour and beyond.

Social Media Management

We have found that clients are all over the place in Social Media. It is still a relatively new area for business and it is constantly evolving and rearranging itself. One thing remains true – as a business, you need to be there.

I am not social

Maybe you are not on any social media platforms yet – not to worry, we can set up your accounts for you and get you started and super excited about what comes next.

Abandonment Issues
Perhaps you had taken the social media plunge and then abandoned the accounts because you could not, and still cannot find the time to keep up with it. Don’t feel bad, it happens. We offer a few packages that we can chat with you about helping your social presence stay social.

Social Butterfly
You are already on Social Media, you love it but you are not seeing any results from the things you have tried. We can help you too. We can sit down and talk about what you have tried, how you are tracking it and get you started with some new ideas so you can keep it up.

Print Design

Isn’t it funny, we used to start with print? I need business cards, I need letterhead, promotion pieces for snail mail! Although they may not win the popularity contest today, these pieces are all still relevant and we can design them for you. We love creating pieces that look and feel great to the hand. No matter how big or small your print budget, we can help you find your niche and design some really smart looking pieces.